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Merchandise transport

Road haulage company Hexatrans is based in Mions, near Lyon, Rhone.
We offer for both domestic and international movement of goods by land.
Our services range from stock management and computerized logistics services, to container stuffing and stripping, container thermal insulation, palletizing and order picking.

Hexatrans provides nationwide and worldwide full transportation services. Our team handles the distribution of your goods across France and Europe

For further informations, please feel free to contact us, with any question you may hae

Nous situer

L'entreprise Hexatrans vous accueille à Mions ( Zône industrielle de Mions Corbas Saint Priest) dans le Rhône à côté de LYON, au départ de transports routiers.

bd. des Nations Grand Lyon Logistique - BP 10 69780 Mions